Kyle Richards Reveals She’s Been Diagnosed With Chronic Dry Eye
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Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards Reveals She’s Been Diagnosed With Chronic Dry Eye

Poor Kyle Richards! Apparently, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beauty was recently hit with a majorly un-fun diagnosis: Chronic Dry Eye. Basically, it means Kyle’s eyes can’t produce enough tears to stay adequately moist — sounds majorly uncomfortable, but she’s got a good attitude about the whole thing.

“I’ve mainly started noticing [the syndrome] during my first season because I had to rely on artificial tears,” Kim told “I would see the commercials and think, ‘I don’t have that.’ I was becoming more and more dependent on artificial tears before I went to see my doctor and was diagnosed with Chronic Dry Eye. I’ve been using Restasis ever since and having great results. I’m also much more comfortable.”

We’re glad Kyle has everything figured out! Sounds like a real tear-jerker (pun intended) of a diagnosis, but Kyle’s working past it. Good for her! Apparently, next season is a bit more dry-eyed in general, and not just because of Kyle’s diagnosis. All the ladies are getting along now, and Kyle’s even mended things with former mortal enemy Lisa Vanderpump.

“Right now we’re OK. We’re a work in progress,” Kyle said. “There are a lot of feelings that have been hurt. In the past, I’ve felt that, and [Lisa’s] felt that. We have a lot of working through things, but we’re OK.” Between her successful treatments and her mended friendships, it sounds like things are really looking up for Kyle — good for her!

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