Pretty Little Liars Reveals Ezra Is “A”: 5 Characters Who Would Have Been More Shocking!
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Pretty Little Liars Reveals Ezra Is “A”: 5 Characters Who Would Have Been More Shocking!

The Pretty Little Liars summer finale reveal that Ezra is “A” was pretty darn shocking. But, which other character reveals would have made our jaw drop even further to the ground? Here is a list of five characters that would have really, really surprised us as “A.”

Any of the Liars

OK, technically that’s four-characters-in-one, but we didn’t want to waste most of our list on the Liars! At this point, we’ve more or less accepted that the Liars are trustworthy because it’s the only way to maintain our sanity. Of course there’s a chance that Spencer, Emily, Hanna, or Aria is “A” Spence even played at it last season when she joined the “A” Team but who is there to root for if our main protagonists can’t even be trusted? We think the PLL Powers That Be know how important it is to keep us on the Liars’ side, which is why any Liar is “A” reveal would have had us completely flabbergasted at least at this stage in the game.


In this case, it’s not that we don’t think PLL is capable after all, they have no problem with throwing other Liars boyfriends under the “A” bus but, with Caleb set to make his departure to Ravenswood in a matter of episodes, it just doesn’t make any sense to increase his importance on PLL, or to make him untrustworthy to new Ravenswood viewers. Plus, Caleb is the best boyfriend ever. Everyone knows that.

Ella Montgomery

Mrs. Montgomery extended vacay in Austria is exactly the sort of clue we’d look for when searching for an “A” suspect. It’s much easier to operate shady shenanigans when you don’t have to keep up appearances (amirite, Melissa?). Still, we would have been very surprised if Aria’s mom turned out to be the big baddie. For one thing, no one wants to lock themselves into a car with a bunch of bees. Secondly, Ella has a badass life at this point eating pastries by some lake in Vienna with her hot boyfriend why would she bother with being “A”? This reveal would have surprised us out of sheer stupidity.

Dr. Palmer

This guy hasn’t gotten oodles of screen time since he was introduced earlier in Season 4, but we’re generally suspicious of anyone who has a connection to Radley and Dr. Palmer worked there for many years. Not only that, but he had a doctor-patient relationship with Marion Cavanaugh, who seems to be tied to the “A” plot in some mysterious way, and perhaps the “blonde girl” he told Marion to stay away from. Don’t think it hasn’t crossed our minds that he’s faking the whole dementia thing and is actually a grand schemer (so we’re a little paranoid). Having said that, we just don’t think PLL would reveal an “A”-er who hasn’t been around since the beginning. Sorry, Doc!

Veronica Hastings

Don’t get us wrong, Spencer’s mom definitely has the smarts to pull it off we just can’t imagine Veronica Hastings being okay with any of this clandestine business. If Veronica Hastings is coming after you, she’s going to tell you to your face. She won’t be wearing a mask. She won’t be using a secret mobile home as a base. And she sure as hell is going to sign her text threats with her full name. That’s just the way Veronica Hastings rolls.

Which “A” reveals would have been even more shocking to you? Sound off in the comments below!

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