Whitney Bischoff Reveals She Froze Her Eggs at Age 27!
Whitney Bischoff Reveals She Froze Her Eggs at Age 27!
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Whitney Bischoff Reveals She Froze Her Eggs at Age 27!


Since she first stepped out of that limo on The Bachelor, Whitney Bischoff was pretty clear about one thing: She was more than ready to get married and have babies. And being that she’s a fertility nurse, she knows a lot about the challenges of getting pregnant, so it’s not too surprising to find out that Whitney froze her eggs when she was 27 — just two years before she would meet and get engaged to Chris Soules!

So what sparked her to go through with the procedure? According to what Whit tells ABC News, she sees it as an insurance policy for baby-making — no matter how long it took to meet Mr. Right, she knew her eggs would still be viable.

“Well, I mean, the hope is that you don't have to use them. You know?” Whitney said. “I mean, that's the whole point of an insurance policy. You don't ever want to have to use it. But if you need it, that's when, it’s there.”

Besides, working at a fertility clinic meant that Whitney met women who had a difficult time getting pregnant every day, and we can’t blame her for doing everything she could to make sure she’d be able to conceive easily down the line. She’s smart for thinking ahead!

“I was working every day, learning about this and teaching patents and hearing, you know, when patients say to you, ‘I just wish I would've known. I wish that someone would've told me that I had these options. I wish that, you know, ten years ago I would've had -- been afforded this opportunity,’” Whitney said. “I felt like I, you know, was taking control of my career and taking control of other aspects in my life. So why would I not allow myself the ability to do this? And, for me, it just was giving me options for my future.”

And even though we’re pretty sure Whitney and Chris are going to wait a bit before bringing their own crew of mini farmers into the world, we can’t wait for the babies that are inevitably in their future. But first? Let’s get this wedding on the road!

Source: ABC News