Revenge Predictions: 3 Reasons Conrad Grayson Will Die in Season 2
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Revenge Predictions: 3 Reasons Conrad Grayson Will Die in Season 2

The days are numbered for one of our favorite Hamptonites when Revenge Season 2 returns this Sunday, Feb. 10. We’re coming up on the big mid-season climax in the next few episodes, and we have a feeling that one Conrad Grayson might be taking a bow following the explosion of The Amanda.

But this is no gut feeling. Here are three concrete reasons behind our prediction:

1) He’s Not in the Funeral Photos

More than a week ago, some lucky photographers snapped some on-set shots of the cast attending a funeral. Conrad was nowhere to be seen, but his daughter Charlotte was spotted weeping beside the grave site. Coincidence? We think not!

2) He’s Aligned Himself With the Ryan Brothers

In Episode 12, “Collusion,” Conrad swapped Jack Porter for Nate Ryan — essentially selling his soul (if he had one) in the process. Now that Papa Grayson is working directly with the enemy, he’s sure to go down with them.

3) His Loss Would Be Significant, But Not Show-Stopping

Show creator Mike Kelley has already admitted that things need to pick up this season, and a major death is just the way to do it. Actor Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) claimed the cast was in “desperate talks” to save someone back in December, which means the character must have a key role. The loss of Conrad would have a deep impact on the show and the characters, but it wouldn’t end things for good (Marissa Cooper-style). Plus, Connie doesn’t have any significant storyline this season, so killing him off wouldn’t change much.

Do you think we’re right? Is Conrad a goner? Tell us your theories below!

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