Revenge Show Creator Claims Season 2 Will “Feel as Satisfying, if Not More So,” Than Season 1
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Revenge Show Creator Claims Season 2 Will “Feel as Satisfying, if Not More So,” Than Season 1

We’re only halfway through the second season of Revenge, but times have been tough in Emily Thorne’s world. There’s no more dynamic duo of Emily and Nolan Ross, no longing glances between Emily and Jack, and very few weekly takedowns and red X’s.

Critics and fans alike have been rather vocal about their disappointment in the show’s sophomore season. But according to show creator Mike Kelley, that’s all about to change.

“Everybody just needs to hold tight a bit for a little clarity on The Initiative … All in all, I feel like once this season is taken in as a whole and everything is understood — meaning you know what you’re watching and what you’ve watched — it’s going to feel as satisfying, if not more so, than the last,” Mike told TVLine.

We’re prone to believing the man who created one of our favorite dramas, but how does he plan to turn things around? It seems like he’ll start by fleshing out The Initiative’s storyline.

You’ll find out “what they’re doing as it unfolds, as well as how it involves Nolan, Padma, Aiden, Daniel and everybody … It will tie everyone together,” Mike teased.

But ultimately, the show isn’t about secret government agencies. It’s all about a blonde beauty and her double infinity tattoo.

“The show only works when it all leads back to Emily,” Mike continued. “The more successful outings where The Initiative is concerned aren’t when we’re podding other characters off in their own Initiative story. Rather, it’s when Emily’s involved and we know exactly what’s at stake, what the crimes are and what we’re doing.”


Do you have high hopes for the rest of Season 2? Weigh in below!

Source: TVLine

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