Revenge Speculation: Who Does Tyler Shoot in Season 1, Episode 11?
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Revenge Speculation: Who Does Tyler Shoot in Season 1, Episode 11?

In case you missed the jaw-dropping, goose-bump inducing promo for Revenge’s mid-season premiere, stop everything and go here.

Recovered from the intense piano notes and slow-motion gun slinging? Now we can discuss who Tyler is aiming at and might possibly have shot!

As we now know, Tyler is a Klonopin-popping crazy man, who apparently has a gun stashed in his collection of pleated khakis – and now he’s out for blood. Check out our theories about who might end up with a bullet in their bicep when Revenge returns!

1. Conrad (Henry Czerny): Tyler has every reason to hate Conrad, after all Conrad caught Ty blackmailing Nolan – and he has the sex tape to prove it! But is that enough reason to try to kill him?

2. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe): Why Tyler would want to kill someone as beautiful and elegant as Victoria is a mystery to us all, but perhaps he’s aiming at her pretty face to get back at Conrad or Daniel. Which brings us to...

3. Daniel (Joshua Bowman): Tyler and Daniel’s brotherly rivalry has gotten way out of hand. We’ll never forget the way Ty lovingly roofied Daniel and then tried to make a move. Sigh, could this just be the end of their lover’s quarrel?

4. Emily (Emily VanCamp): It’s no secret that Tyler hates Emily with an undying passion. After all, she’s his competition for getting in Daniel’s pants! But please, Emily way crafty to be taken down by a mere bullet.

5. The Real Emily: We have no idea why Tyler would want to kill this unlucky lady, but lord knows she’s at the top of our burn book. Maybe he just doesn’t like her attitude, in which case, we feel your pain, Ty!

6. Jack (Nick Wechsler): Uhm, why was Jack invited to a Grayson dinner party in the first place? Maybe Tyler is just offended that one of the poors has tainted his linen seat cushion.

7. Ashley (Ashley Madekwe): Tyler has plenty of reason to go after Ashley with a gun – after all, they’ve been having a sordid love affair and Ash knows that he swings both ways. Did she threaten to expose his secret?

8. Charlotte (Christa Allen): Tyler and Charlotte have barely had any interactions this season, but killing her would definitely stick it to Mr. Grayson. Plus, that’s what she gets for shacking up with Declan Po(o)rter for so long.

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