When Conrad Grayson dropped a casual exclusive about his Tuscany wedding during an interview with Vanity Fair, we thought he was just punking his ex-wife, Victoria Grayson. But it seems the Revenge CEO has kept his promise and put a ring on it ... again.

In two sets of equally scandalous spoiler photos for Episode 6, “Illusion,” we see the most prestigious event the the season: a Grayson wedding! But things don’t appear to go quite as well as the bride and groom had hoped.

1) The “I Do’s” Definitely Happen

It looks like the “happy” couple goes through with their nuptials. How are we so sure? Check out Conrad’s wedding ring!

2) Victoria Is a Secret Dance Pro

In addition to looking stunning in her Vera Wang gown, Victoria looks like a total pro on the dance floor. Conrad, just stick to that box step.

3) Victoria Looks Nervous With Daniel

We didn’t really think it was possible, but Victoria Grayson actually looks pretty nervous as she dances with her son, Daniel. Danny Boy is actually smiling as he chats up his mom. Could his revengey side have finally come out? What is he up to?

4) Conrad Gets Arrested

Connie in cuffs?! Detective Gunther, who has been inspecting the Graysons since last season, has arrived in Tuscany to take the groom away. Though it might be easy to think Victoria is involved, she does look genuinely surprised. Is her acting really that good?

5) Victoria Has a Sweet Tooth

Call her hungry, but after Conrad’s escorted out, Victoria steals a finger full of icing from her ultra-expensive wedding cake. Yuck! That buttercream frosting probably took ages to stencil!

6) Things Heat Up Between Emily and Daniel

The couple we actually wanted to walk down the aisle is finally attending a wedding, but not together. Ems and Danny do take the time to share one intimate dance, though. Could Demily be getting back together?

7) Things Heat Up Between Aiden and Ashley

While Emily and Daniel are locked in each other’s arms, their partners are getting cozy, too. We know that both of them are schemers, but would they really cheat on their significant others … with each other?

8) Padma Pisses Off Two Dangerous Ladies

It seems that Daniel’s chatting up all kinds of ladies at his parents’ nuptials. Here we see him talking to Nolan’s leading lady, Padma Lahari, and from the looks of things, Emily and Ashley are not impressed.

9) Nolan and Padma Color Coordinate

The couple that dresses together stays together, right? We’re loving Padma and Nolan’s royal blue color scheme.

10) Emily Is Feeling Sexy and Free

We’re pretty positive that Ems has never showed off this much cleavage. Knowing her, it’s probably a distraction tactic against her enemies. Well, it’s definitely working.

What do you think of our analysis? Weigh in below!

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