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Parting is such sweet sorrow, Revengers. And last night we were forced to say goodbye to Emily Thorne and Co., following an epic winter finale.

But our favorite shoreside drama is sure to be back with a bang come Jan. 6, 2013. Here’s what we deduced from the promo for Episode 10, “Power.”

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1) Amanda and Charlotte Look Concerned

These two faux-half-sisters are sitting in Grayson Manor looking upset about something. The way the editing is cut, it looks like Conrad’s talking to them, but we have a feeling something else is going on.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Conrad Talks to Someone

2) Someone’s Blackmailing Conrad!

“Blackmail,” says Conrad Grayson. “Is there anything that isn’t beneath you?” Though the editing makes it look like Connie’s addressing Charlotte and Fauxmanda, we have a feeling that Ashley is working her way back into the fold.

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3) Emily and Victoria Make a Deal

At the end of last night’s winter finale, Victoria called Emily about a proposition. When Ems saw Aiden, she decided to hold off on discussing plans, but from the looks of this duo’s handshake, they’re officially in business together.

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4) Emily and Daniel Reunite at a Party

Could this be Victoria’s goal? It looks like Emily and Daniel are once again attending a swanky gathering, but this time, the sparks are really flying. But what about Aiden?

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5) Emily Asks Aiden If He’s Ready

It looks like Em’s reunion with Danny Boy is a setup. She’s got to play the part well, which means Aiden will have to take a backseat in the romance department.

“Are you ready for this?” Ems asks him.
“On with the show,” Aiden replies.

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6) Martial Arts Training

We see Emily slipping on a black mask to match her black-hooded ensemble, and then two figures in black fighting. If we had to guess, Emily and Aiden are catching up on their Takeda training.

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7) Declan Finds Something

It’s best not to go snooping, but after Jack found his father’s gun in last night’s episode, it looks like Declan’s got his hands on it as well.

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8) Aiden’s Elevator Fills With Gas

No, the British babe didn’t let one slip. There’s potentially-toxic gas coming into his elevator from the ventilation system. This has The Initiative written all over it.

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9) Emily Kisses a Hooded Figure on the Ground

It looks like Ems and Aiden partake in a post-Takeda training snog ...

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10) Declan and Charlotte Get Busted Making Out

Talk about a mood killer! Declan and Charlotte are kissing on what appears to be The Amanda, and then they’re busted by an angry German Shepherd and a helicopter spotlight. Whoops!

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11) Jack Makes a Phone Call From Jail?!

After seeing poor Danny Boy behind bars last season, we recognize a jail call when we see one. Here Jack’s on the plexiglass wall phone, and from the looks of Fauxmanda’s curls, she’s paying him a visit.

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12) Aiden Talks to Helen From The Initiative

So far The Initiative hasn’t been savvy to Emily and Aiden’s revenge plots, but here we see leather-loving Helen talking to a very cautious Aiden Mathis. Then, three red lasers are pointed right at his heart. Yikes!

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13) Amanda Makes a Deal With a Man and His Trunk

It looks like Amanda is working some deals of her own. As an unidentified man closes his trunk, Amanda looks on. Could she still be committing illegal acts? To get Jack out of jail, she’d probably do anything.

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14) Daniel and Emily Get Back Together!

As our favorite former couple stands on Emily’s porch, she says, “I don’t need to think about it — my answer is yes.”

Daniel then leans in for a smooch and all is right in the world.

Do you agree with our analysis? Weigh in below!

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