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We’re done with tea parties and charity auctions, Revengers. Now it’s time for things to get serious in the Hamptons. In the new promo for Revenge Season 2, Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” one of our favorites is going to bite the bullet (maybe literally).

The promo featured a flash of images in under a two-second span of time, but Wetpaint Entertainment has slowed down and screen grabbed the images in order to give you all of the clues for this week’s new episode.

Read on, but we must warn you — you might not like what you see.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: The Amanda Explodes

1) The Amanda Explodes

We all knew it was coming, but we’re still sad to see Jack Porter’s beloved boat go up in flames. Hopefully there’s no one aboard...

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Emily Sits in a Life Raft Crying

2) Emily Thorne Sits in a Lifeboat Crying

Could Emily be the only survivor from the deadly attack? We see her clutching an inflatable life boat sobbing, all alone in the middle of the ocean.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Nate Ryan Points a Gun at Someone

3) Nate Ryan Aims a Gun at Someone

As he walks down the stairs to the bow of the boat, we see Nate aiming a gun at an unidentified person.

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4) Jack Porter Has Been Shot and Is Unconscious

It took several comparisons, but we’re pretty sure that this is the unconscious body of Jack Porter, shot in the side and lying on a cushioned seat. He’s wearing a blue shirt just like Nate, but Nate’s is unbuttoned with a black shirt underneath and this one is buttoned. Could Jack really be dead?

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5) Someone Sneaks Up on Nate Ryan

We see Nate investigating something in the bow of the boat as a female sneaks up behind him. Our money’s on Fauxmanda.

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6) Nate Steers The Amanda Alone

This eery screen grab shows Nate Ryan all alone on the deck of The Amanda, steering it into the Atlantic Ocean. Where are Jack and Amanda?!

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Someone Comes to the Rescue

7) Someone Comes to the Rescue

It’s hard to tell in this shot, but someone is in a speed boat heading out presumably to help Jack and Amanda. Could it be Emily ... or someone even more shocking? Aiden, perhaps?

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Nate Cries Out in Pain

8) Nate Ryan Cries Out in Pain

Here we see Nate rushing to cover his face as he cries out in pain. Could it be because ...

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Emily Knocks Out a Man

9) Emily Thorne Hit Nate in the Head

Wielding some sort of stick, Emily takes a swing at Nate’s head.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Emily Points a Gun at Someone

10) Emily Thorne Points a Gun at Someone

“You so much as blink and you’re dead,” Emily threatens a figure on the ground as she points her gun. We have a feeling it’s Nate who is desperately trying to keep his eyes open.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Someone Tries to Drown Emily Thorne

11) Someone Tries to Drown Emily

It wouldn’t be the first time (Kara Wallace Clarke anyone?). Someone has his (or her) hands around Emily’s neck and is trying to drown her.

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12) Trask Goes Snooping

We see several flashes of a mysterious newcomer by the name of Trask. He is a new Initiative representative, and clearly, he’s looking for his bestie, Helen Crowley.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Victoria Lectures Daniel

13) Victoria Warns Daniel About Emily

“Emily is a vicious opportunist who has unleashed holy hell on this family,” Victoria says to Daniel. Tell us how you really feel, Vicki!

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14) Victoria Watches Daniel and Conrad Roll Up Helen’s Body

As per usual, Victoria gets the boys to clean up her dirty work. Like a boss.

15) “Oh My God! I’m So Sorry!”

We hear a woman (presumably Emily Thorne) weeping as she says, “Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” Could she be apologizing to Fauxmanda for losing Jack?

What do you think of our analysis? Will Jack die? Tell us your thoughts below!

Original Air Date: Revenge Season 2, Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” airs Sunday, Feb. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Revenge Promo For Season 2, Episode 14: "Sacrifice" (VIDEO)