The last 10 minutes of the Revenge Season 2 finale had us more stressed than Ashley Davenport at a sample sale. We caught the first “glimpse” of Victoria Grayson’s son, Emily Thorne told Jack Porter her real identity, and there was an epic battle between Daniel Grayson and Aiden Mathis.

The Revenger and the former poet duked it out, with Aiden choking the Grayson Global CEO and throwing him to the ground. He threatened Danny to stay away from Emily Thorne, and if we know anything about the sexy millionaire, it’s that he simply cannot leave his lady love. 

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Daniel Has Blood on His Sleeve in Revenge Season 2 Finale

When Daniel was thrown into Emily’s desk and her gun fell out, we began to get a bit concerned for the British Revenger’s life.

Then Daniel showed up at his father’s gubernatorial announcement with a giant blood spot on his sleeve. Could that blood belong to Aiden?

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for Season 3 to find out, but we will probably spend the next few months weeping openly while shoveling down macaroons (EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT TEA TIME).

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