We've been waiting for this epic two-episode conclusion to Season 2 of Revenge ever since Emily Thorne was tied to that post in the middle of the ocean in the premiere. And now, after a season of complicated and occasionally confusing twists, we've reached the final two-hours of the show's sophomore season. 

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9:03 — People may be wrecking havoc in the streets, but Victoria Grayson is stuck at The Stowaway. Cheap liquor and bar stools? PANIC!

9:05 — We're loving Regina's sass. Too bad it doesn't unlock doors.  

9:07 — Aiden, you've been such a big help this season. We're, like, SO glad you came to the Hamptons. 

9:12 — Jack's making all the wrong moves. Amatuer Revenger hour.  

9:14 — Nerdy clipart strikes again! Point 1: The Falcon! 

9:15 — Declan's literally the easiest person to trick. It must be a family trait.   

9:16 — No, Conrad. Daniel belongs at a poetry jam.

9:18 — Zing! Round 4598 to Victoria Grayson! 

9:20 — Rest in Peace, Takeda. May adorable Japanese puppies guide you in.  

9:25 — Takeda has an Infinity Box? How meta.  

9:27 — Declan being duped? Must be Sunday.  

9:31 — Revengers at odds! Hopefully this won't last long. Sammy the Dog's poor heart can't take it. 

9:38 — You think The Initiative is behind the blackout? Wow, Danny. You catch on quickly.  

9:40 — Victoria confronting Declan about Charlotte's pregnancy? The Revenge powers that be have read our fan fiction. 

9:47 — Please Aiden, you're not worthy of Nolan's loafers.  

9:50 — Jack, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to properly revenge with the pros.  

9:55 — Conrad orchestrating an explosion? Could his involvement in The Initiative be deeper than we think? 

10:00 — Explosions ring out at Grayson Global! But is Jack Porter inside? 

10:02 — Jack Porter's alive! And thoroughly pissed.  

10:08 — So there is a Porter boy down. Stay with us, Declan! 

10:12 — You trust Ashley above Emily, Jack? You're a real brain.  

10:16 — Jack's a nurse because he was too bad at pouring mojitos to be a bartender.  

10:20 — Another love lost in Emily's path for vengeance. This stings more than we anticipated. 

10:24 — Declan + Charlotte = Darlotte ... Checlan? Whatever, they're cute.  

10:29 — Is openly weeping acceptable in these situations? Because it's happening. #prayingforDeclan

10:31 — Victoria Grayson: The OG Revenger.  

10:33 — Fake passport didn't exactly work in your favor, Aiden. Maybe use Nolan's resources next time.  

10:38 — Conrad Grayson is a part of The Initiative! Just when we thought he couldn't get any more diabolical.

10:42— Long live, Declan Porter. May Sammy the Dog lead you in.  

10:44 — Jack Porter's officially lost it. Thank goodness he didn't kill the Queen. 

10:45 — Nolan Ross simply CANNOT go to jail in that outfit. He won't make it out alive! 

10:52 — Aiden Mathis has officially lost his mind. Don't wrinkle Danny's suits!

10:53 — Who would be embarrassed to have an intimate relationship with Nolan Ross? 

10:56 — Jack brings hipster glasses to the shooting? 

10:57 — Victoria's first-born at the door and a shooting on the way? WE CAN'T HANDLE THIS! 

10:59 — Emily tells Jack that she's AMANDA CLARKE!!!!!