The May 12 finale of Revenge Season 2 was filled with twists and turns from Declan Porter’s death to Emily Thorne’s identity reveal to her childhood sweetheart. But perhaps the most shocking turn of events was the discovery of Conrad Grayson’s deep involvement with The Initiative.

We started getting particularly curious when Connie seemed to have orchestrated the bombing of Grayson Global, even giving the head nod to The Initiative’s assassin moments before the bomb went off.

Naturally, he was a “first responder” to the destruction. And as the cameras rolled, Connie helped innocent victims to safety, just has he had planned.

But his involvement isn’t confirmed until he confronts Daniel about moving to Paris.

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Victoria Shows Conrad Something on Her Phone in Revenge Season 2 Finale

“The only reason you have a life is because you’re my son and I wasn’t about to let them kill you yesterday,” he shouts.

Now Daniel knows that his father’s mixed up in all of this chaos. He quickly drops the knowledge bomb on Victoria, thinking she’s involved too. Sure, Vicki’s evil, but she wouldn’t be behind the group that once destroyed her life and ended David Clarke’s.

So when Victoria confronts Conrad, he tells her the whole, horrible story.  

“There is no Initiative my dear,” he says. “There never was, really. Simply a consortium of savvy business persons who perfected to the art of profiting off other people’s fear. When catastrophe strikes, the public spends money — lots of it. And if one were able to anticipate such disasters, they’d stand to make a fortune. And of course, predicting these acts of God is impossible unless one of course decides to play God. On the heels of Flight 197, the FAA granted billions in security contracts. The stocks for those companies quadrupled and those that were in the know collected handsomely. So when I was tipped off about the inevitability of recent events, I opted in.”

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Conrad Checks His iPad in Revenge Season 2 Finale

Gasp! Who informed the New York governor of the latest attack? The now-deceased Helen Crowley who bailed Conrad out of jail when he was arrested for Gordon Murphy’s murder.  

“I accepted Helen’s proposal on one condition, entry into their inner circle,” Conrad continued. “Granting me among other things, access to their timetable. I did what I had to do for our future. We’re now in a position to triple our previous wealth and our hands remain clean.”

But Victoria wants nothing to do with the latest on Conrad’s list of despicable actions, spitting his face and refusing to come to his victory announcement.  

Connie quickly threatens her, saying she needs to play the role of devoted wife now more than ever unless she wants to go back to a life of squalor. And knowing the size of Victoria’s closet, chances are she’ll manage to look over Conrad’s latest terrorist involvement.

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