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It’s the bombshell of all bombshells, Revengers! In the drama-packed Season 2 finale of the hit shoreside drama, Emily Thorne told Jack Porter what he’s “known all along” that she is the real Amanda Clarke!

The episode ended before we got a chance to see the aftermath of this admission, but there’s no telling how Jack will react. He’s lost his wife, who he thought was actually his childhood sweetheart, his brother is dead, and the Graysons tried to kill him in an orchestrated terrorist explosion. Basically, homeboy’s been having a rough few months.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Jack Talks to Declan

Seconds before Jack attempted to put a bullet in Conrad’s ice-cold heart, Emily stepped between him and the gun to take total blame for everything that’s happened to him, and Jack had a moment of realization that followed Emily’s confession.

But after everything that’s happened, how will he be able to forgive her? Will his inner romantic be able to overlook the horrible havoc she has wrought on his life? After seeing his dark side, we think not.

We doubt Jack would spill her secret to anyone, but he isn’t likely to fall into his childhood sweetheart’s arms with a marriage proposal anytime soon.

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