Credit: ABC

We’re still reeling from the epic two-part finale of Revenge Season 2, but that won’t stop us from watching and rewatching the entire season to catch up on all of the complicated twists and turns.

So how long must we wait for the Season 2 DVD to come out? Basically it’s going to be a long summer until Aug. 20 rolls around. That’s when the Season 2 DVD is being released, and though you can pre-order the season now, we will simply be rewatching the two-hour finale for the next few weeks (please send pizza).

Critics and fans found Season 2 of the hit shoreside drama to be a bit controversial. Many thought the plot lines were too confusing and veered too far from the original mission of Emily Thorne.

Fortunately, Revenge has been renewed for Season 3 and with a new showrunner (Sunil Nayar) maybe we can finally get back to the roots of what made this show so great in Season 1.

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