The short answer to this question is "Uhm, everything," but let's get into the nitty gritty. Emily Thorne starts of Revenge's second season chilling out in Japan with her personal guru, Satoshi Takeda, and ends up half-drowning in the middle of the ocean during an attempt to unlock memories about her mom. Luckily, Em's British bestie, Aiden, saves her life –– ruining her trip to flashback city while doing so. Sigh!

Once Emily gets back to the Hamptons, she hides a "clam cam" in Victoria's house and realizes that the White Haired Man is the key to finding out who her mom, Kara Wallace Clarke, is. This gal coerces our frosty-haired friend into giving up information on Kara, and we learn that she's still alive. Unfortunately, the White-Haired Man tries to kill Em after their real talk, but fear not –– Aiden shows up and kills him first. Oh, and speaking of Aiden, turns out he and Emily used to make sweet Revengey love back in the good ol' days, and now they're back together!

Thanks to Aiden's sleuthing, Emily finds out that Kara and the Whit- Haired Man were lovers (and married!), but more importantly? She has a flashback to this one awkward time when Kara tried to drown her (yikes), which is made even more awkward when Kara arrives in the Hamptons to visit Fauxmanda right after the birth of Baby Carl David!

Unfortunately, reporter Mason Treadwell shows up in the Hamptons and ruins Emily's mommy-daughter buzz, and he quickly realizes that Fauxmanda Clarke isn't who she says she is. Mason is determine to find out Mandy's real identity, so Emily is all "I'm the real Amanda Clarke, bitches!" and then frames Mason for the White-Haired Man's death. Meanwhile, Kara Wallace Clarke goes cray-cray, tries to kill everyone, and then leaves town. Buh-bye, girl.

So, what's up with Emily's love life? Sadly, her affair with Jack Porter fizzles out thanks to the fact that he's a baby daddy, so that leaves her with no choice but to fake-date Daniel while real-dating Aiden. These two spend most of their secret relationship taking down various players involved in the framing of David Clarke (just like the good ol' days!), but then everything gets super real. Jack and Fauxmanda get married, but their honeymoon is ruined when Conrad hires Jack's business partner, Nate Ryan, to kill Amanda. Despite Emily's best efforts to save home girl's life, Amanda ends up dead at the bottom of the ocean, and Jack ends up with a minor flesh wound. Tear.

Emily's world is turned upside down after Mandy's death, and to make matters worse her foster bro-from-another-ho, Eli, shows up in the Hamptons and discovers her true identity. The good news? Eli and Emily take down her evil foster mother, and then boyfriend peaces out of the Hamptons after she learns at he set the fire that sent her to juvie. See you never, friend!

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Emily Stops Jack in the Revenge Season 2 Finale

At this point, Emily switches gears and focuses on taking down The Initiative, but whoops! They blow out all the power in Manhattan, blow up Grayson Global Headquarters, and accidentally kill Jack's brother, Declan Porter. Naturally this sends Jack into a crazy seaman tizzy, and he ends up trying to murder Conrad, which leaves Emily no choice but to reveal her true identity to him! Shocking, we know. Oh, and in other news, Emily gets re-engaged to Daniel and breaks up with Aiden after he kills Takeda. Annnnnd, that's a wrap!

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