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When we last left Nolan Ross in the Revenge Season 2, the techie billionaire was under arrest after his former lover, Padma Lahari, was forced to make an incriminating witness tape about him.

Basically, the FBI thinks that Nolan Ross is The Initiative, which makes him responsible for a series of murders and acts of terrorism. Whoops!

Knowing Nolan, the cyber genius will be able to get out of this tight spot in Season 3, but just to make sure, Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with actor Gabriel Mann to see what’s next for him.

Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Nolan and Victoria Exchange a Glance in Revenge Season 2, Episode 20, "Engagement"

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“I think these are all questions that read into a very, very promising and really exciting Season 3,” he told us. “I mean, whenever we think we've got a beat on what something is, it generally tends to be something else. If I go into my imagination, I can think of a million different things that it could possibly be and definitely have not had an opportunity to pick our writers’ brains yet as it's aired after we wrapped the season. Otherwise, I'd be like banging on the writers’ room door right now, like, ‘Seriously, guys? Like WTF?’”

But who could have set Nolan up? The 41-year-old actor had some theories.  

“Look, it's always a bad idea, even in seeming goodwill to ever get in bed with the Graysons,” he said. “And I think that visit Victoria paid to Nolcorp was probably at this point a blessing and a curse. And as to whether that's a direct trickle down effect from the Graysons themselves, whether that's a tag team effort between The Falcon, who seems to still be sitting in jail even after Nolan had told her that he would help erase her cyber trail if she helped him, whether that extends to something, we have yet to even know about that has been revealed.”

Credit: STILL

Now that Nolan has a “witness” on tape claiming that he’s the mastermind behind The Initiative, is all hope lost?

“Obviously, the video that Padma made at the urging of Trask – we think – was pretty incriminating, but there's still a host of questions left there,” Gabriel said. “And that's what I continue to love and be baffled by with this show because even when I think it's going to be a certain thing, as an actor who's directly involved in the day‑to‑day plotting and planning, they continue to shock all of us at our table reads, episode after episode. So I could theorize with you about what it is, but I would, as far as my track record with hypotheses on this show go, be wrong. So I think Nolan's asking the same question I am right now.”

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