After all the deaths in Revenge Season 2, we’re still in grieving mode, but come this fall, we expect to be afraid ... very afraid. SpoilerTV reports that Season 3, Episode 1 will be titled, “Fear.”

Hopefully it doesn’t refer to Emily Thorne’s fear, because our girl is fearless. Sure, she leaps into the unknown on a daily basis, but she never hesitates or falters. It’s one of the things that makes her one of TV’s biggest female badasses.

We haven’t heard about an exact premiere date for Revenge Season 3 yet, but it’s sure to air sometime in September. The show will stay on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

ABC has made some major shake ups in Season 3, replacing show creator Mike Kelley with executive producer Sunil Nayar. Declan, Fauxmanda, and Takeda were all killed off in Season 2, and Ashley Davenport is set to leave the show at the beginning of Season 3.

Hopefully the writers will get back to the roots of the show, like Emily’s quest for justice and Nolan’s popped collars.

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Source: SpoilerTV