Credit: John John

British babe Josh Bowman is still breaking into the American pop culture world. The 25-year-old actor currently stars on Revenge as the preppy Daniel Grayson, but his personal style is much more laidback.

Designers have noticed and Brazilian jean company John John has named Josh its new poster boy! Previous actors who have worked with the brand include Zac Efron and Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder.

Following in the footsteps of these A-Listers can’t be a bad thing!

Credit: John John

Josh is currently shooting the campaign in New York, where co-star girlfriend Emily VanCamp is filming her new movie, The Girl in the Book. In August he’s supposed to visit São Paulo, Brazil in order to promote the brand, but we’re not sure how that will be possible considering Revenge Season 3 starts filming on July 15.

They’d better not kill off Daniel Grayson! Where are we supposed to get our poetry intake and giant engagement rings from?!

Josh, like most celebs, is sure to have a detailed schedule that will allow for his time away. What do you think of his new endorsement deal? Tell us below!