Now that a premiere date has been set for Revenge Season 3 (Sept. 29), we are counting down the days until we’ll be reunited with Emily Thorne, Nolan Ross, and Victoria Grayson (73, in case you were wondering).

But when Season 3 returns, it’s not just our core favorites who will be hitting the Hamptons shores. Deadline reports that the show has just cast Quebec-born actress Karine Vanasse for the role of Margaux, “a French businesswoman and former acquaintance of Daniel’s who comes to town to start a magazine.” She is supposed to have a multi-episode guest arc.

We’ve already heard that there will be some activity in Paris at the start of the season (if you recall, that’s where Emily and Daniel were planning on getting married and moving to). Could this new beret-wearing cutie disrupt the couple’s romantic plans and ultimately Emily’s mission?

Karine recently starred in the now-cancelled series Pan Am, and had an appearance in the film Midnight in Paris.

Do you think this is a good addition to the cast? Tell us below!

Source: Deadline