Look, we know it’s tough, but sometimes distraught half sisters just have to move on after the death of certain ex-strippers. Fauxmanda Clarke’s death on Revenge was pretty painful, but Season 3 is a whole new world where we will say goodbye to the curly-haired baby mama and hello to a pregnant Charlotte and a potential new bride in Emily.

And the kicker is, these two are actually half sisters. Though Charlotte thinks Fauxmandy is the daughter of David Clarke, it’s really her (new/future?) sister-in-law.

We’ve always liked it when these two work together, and in Season 3 they might have a common enemy. Victoria Grayson’s first-born son, Patrick Harper (played by newbie Justin Hartley), is new in town and all Revengers have their antennas up.

We already know that Charlotte’s going to have a problem with big brother, but new set photos from Season 3 indicate that Ems will be right by her sissy’s side in the “battle” against Patrick.

The images feature Emily pushing Patrick away as Charlotte looks on. We’d love for these two to team up, especially because Charlie could probably use a friend now that Declan “Baby Daddy” Porter is gone (BRB, sobbing).

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