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Back to school can be a busy time, so here at Wetpaint Entertainment we took the liberty of offering an in-depth analysis of the heart-stopping promo for Revenge Season 3 that was just released.

Basically, the season hasn’t even started yet and already we’re stocking up on red Sharpies and tissues. Most people were so shocked by the promo’s opening sequence of Emily Thorne taking two bullets, that they didn’t even pay close attention to the rest of the shocking clip.

Here’s what we’ve gathered:

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1. Emily Thorne on a Boat in a Wedding Dress

So Ems is heading out to sea and it looks like she’s all alone. The opening shot shows Ms. Thorne in a gorgeous wedding gown looking out over the ocean on a seemingly-empty boat. Said boat is decked out in white lights and looks similar to a vessel Beyonce and Jay Z would sail the high seas in. But this ain’t no party...

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2. Emily Thorne Gets Shot Twice

Not only is Emily not alone on the ship, but her apologies apparently mean nothing. “I’m sorry,” she says through tears before taking two bullets to the stomach. We then see her falling off the boat and into the water, looking a little worse for the wear. Well, wouldn’t you?

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3. First 60 Seconds

The voiceover tells us that all of this will go down in the show’s first 60 seconds. This is clearly the flash forward scene that happens at the beginning of each season. Revenge will then backtrack and show viewers what happens leading up to this moment, likely only returning to the dramatic Emily getting shot scene in the mid-season climax, set to hit our screens this December.

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4. Nolan Skydives Into a Party

Never one to miss an entrance, Nolan Ross can be spotted skydiving into a Hamptons party. Though he has an entourage of officers and security personnel, the people at the party don’t seem quite as phased as they should, considering what’s just happened.

5. Nolan’s Not in Jail

Though we know Nolan will spend some time behind bars for his connection to “The Initiative,” he seems to be out of the clink and better than ever in the Season 3 premiere.

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6. Jack and Emily Kiss

Now that Jack knows Emily’s true identity, he’s likely to experience a series of emotions. But we totally caught them smooching, so it seems that they finally have a bit of romance this season! Aiden who?

7. Daniel and Emily Kiss

Though her true loves lie elsewhere, Ems is still engaged to Daniel Grayson. And don’t worry, they’re still getting their freak on!

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8. Shirtless Patrick

Patrick Harper is the new Hamptons hottie this season. Victoria Grayson’s firstborn can be seen wearing very little in the premiere, and we don’t hate it!

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9. Ashley Davenport Gets a Red X!

For a split second we see the picture of a woman with a giant red X over her face burning in the fire. That only means one thing! And upon further inspection, we see that it’s actually Ashley Davenport! We know that Ashley’s character is leaving for good this season, and it looks like her exit is part of an Emily Thorne takedown. We seriously can’t wait!

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10. Conrad Falls Over

Maybe it’s the stress of being the new governor or perhaps Emily Thorne put something in his pepper bisque again, Conrad’s not looking too well these days. At the very end of this promo we see the Grayson patriarch fall to the ground in front of his family. If he’s made it all this way only to die of a heart attack, we’ll be pissed!

Are you excited for the Season 3 premiere? Weigh in below!

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