Credit: KVS/Gaz Shirley,PacificCoastNews Photo: Barry Sloane and Emily VanCamp Film Revenge Season 3 on the Beach

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) may be engaged to Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) at the start of Revenge Season 3, but new on-set photos show that Ems still has many other men in her life.

Case in point: On September 12, Emily and her co-star Barry Sloane (Aiden Mathis) were spotted filming scenes for the hit shoreside drama on the beach, natch. The shots show both actors having fun in the sun and sand, and it looks like they could be in the midst of a pretty serious conversation. Barry is dressed in all black, while Emily wears a white, sleeveless top and black pants.

Credit: KVS/Gaz Shirley,PacificCoastNews Photo: Barry Sloane Gets His Shoes Wet While Filming Revenge Season 3

Could they be plotting some epic form of revenge? Given that new showrunner Sunil Nayar has said that Emily’s weekly takedowns will be making a comeback in Season 3, we certainly wouldn’t count out that possibility.

But we also hear that Aiden will be “sleeping with the enemy” a bit this season, so he could be a double agent. And we know that Emily won’t stand for too much betrayal before adding him to her pile of red X’s.

In a lighter moment, it seems that Barry underestimated the power of the ocean, which crept up behind him and accidentally wet his shoes. It looks like Emily tried to stop it, but even a revenge queen like herself is no match for a massive body of water!

Are you happy to see Emily and Barry filming together again, or do you think their storyline is played out?