Credit: Richard Foreman/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Nolan Ross Looks Serious in Revenge Season 2, Episode 16, "Illumination"

Nolan Ross’ romantic history reads like a who’s who of the Hamptons on Revenge, but with the recent death of his girlfriend Padma, actor Gabriel Mann says his on-screen counterpart starts Season 3 as a broken man.

"I think when we meet Nolan in Season 3 he is not trying to remember names or take numbers,” Gabriel tells E! Online. “I think his heart has been broken."

And we can easily see why. Not only is Padma gone, but at the end of Season 2, Nolan was arrested and thrown in jail when police thought he was The Initiative, thus making him responsible for Padma’s death and many others.

Somehow the tech genius is released from jail in the Season 3 premiere and jumps right back into the dating game, despite his broken heart. We know that Nolan will have at least one same-sex love interest this season, but even Gabe notes that any of the lovable nerd’s potential suitors should watch their backs.

"I would say being a love interest to Nolan is very dangerous endeavor; they usually end up dead or in a mental institution,” he continues. “So I feel sad to anyone that gets too close to him, but it's not going to stop them.”

Agreed. There’s something about Nolan that’s pretty darn irresistible.

Are you surprised that people are still so eager to love Nolan given his questionable relationship track record? Share your thoughts and theories below!

Source: E! Online