It’s no secret that Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) takes a few bullets to the stomach on her wedding day (while wearing her wedding dress no less!) and subsequently falls backwards over the edge of the yacht, but a new poster for Revenge Season 3 is taking Ems’ bloody bride status to a whole new level.

Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek at Season 3’s key art, which shows a wedding dress-clad Emily holding a bouquet of thorny black roses. While her abdomen is blood-free, there are streaks of blood dripping down her arm instead. Why are you grabbing those thorne-ridden roses so tight, girl?   

Keeping with the bloody theme, the “g”-turned-infinity symbol in the word “revenge” is red.

Behind Emily the poster is dominated by stormy skies and rough seas, indicating that Revenge Season 3 most definitely won’t be a day at the beach.

Check out the Season 3 key art for yourself and tell us your thoughts and theories below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Credit: Youtube Photo: Revenge Season 3 Promo: Emily Thorne Gets Shot? (VIDEO)