Credit: Carin Baer/ABC Photo: Victoria Looks Stunning in Her Horseback Riding Gear in Revenge Season 3, Episode 1: “Fear”

Sadly, we still have to wait until the end of the month (September 29) to catch the Revenge Season 3 premiere, but an exclusive sneak peek via the Huffington Post proves that our beloved shoreside drama is well on its way to being the salacious guilty pleasure it once was.

The more than 4-minute clip below starts with a recap of last season and Emily Thorne’s (Emily VanCamp) general quest for revenge, but the new footage begins around 2:35. Trust us when we tell you there’s plenty to see!

First we see Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) tell Emily that she needs to “finish this by the end of the summer then leave for good” or else he will reveal her true identity, a threat that she seems to take seriously. The Emily-hating continues with Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) who looks to be “sleeping with the enemy” like Barry warned us about earlier this summer.

“There’s a great deal about that girl that you don’t know,” Aiden seemingly tells Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe).

And our favorite line of the teaser comes from the ice queen herself, during a conversation with Aiden. “Together we’re going to destroy that little bitch,” she declares, likely talking about our Ems.

Check out the juicy clip for yourself below to see new footage of Charlotte Grayson (Christa Allen), Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), and more, and feel free to share your excitement!

Source: Huffington Post