It takes guts to charge down the catwalk as one of the world’s top supermodels, but it’s a whole other level of bravery to reveal addiction problems. That, however, is just what Amber Valletta did in a new video for wellness resource

In a speech for the site, the Revenge actress reveals “I suffer from a disease called addiction” and she’s battled it “for as long as I can remember.”

The 40-year-old says she first started trying to get high at just 8 years old because she was “uncomfortable being a human being.” That meant sniffing markers, glue, fingernail polish, “anything that could give me a buzz.” As an adult, she began using alcohol and cocaine.

“I had a multimillion [dollar] deal and I showed up the first day to shoot this campaign high and drunk,” she continues. “I didn’t care and that’s just to show you addiction takes you to the worst places.”

She eventually sought help for her disease at age 25 because she “didn’t want to die.” Her goal in revealing her personal struggles with the world now is to help others “get them out of the shadows and the darkness of addiction and get them into the light.” And we applaud you Amber!

Credit: NDN Photo: Hear Amber Valletta Talk About Her Battle With Drugs and Alcohol (VIDEO)
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