Have you heard the news? The Amanda is sinking faster than the Titanic, and it's even more tragic than that time Rose totally didn't let Jack on her door raft even though there was totally room. According to the epic promo for this week's episode of Revenge, The Amanda fills with water and dead bodies –– and one of our favorite revengers joins Sammy the Dog in heaven. We know, tears. Tears all over our knock-off Herve Leger bandage dress.

We've rounded up the 3 characters most likely to meet their doom on The Amanda! Your job? To vote it out.

Credit: STILL

1. Jack Porter

At this risk of causing mass cardiac arrest, someone who looks alarmingly like Jack is featured in this week's promo –– and that someone is most definitely passed out with a giant bullet wound in his chest. There's no doubt that Jack is Nate Ryan's number one target, but is it really possible that Emily's childhood sweetheart dies halfway through the second season? And what about Baby Carl David? If Declan ends up being this kid's father-figure, we might just give up on life and start eating carbs.

2. Nate Ryan

As we previously noted, the half-dead person featured in Revenge's promo looks like Jack. But it also kind of looks like Nate Ryan –– mostly because Jack and Nate are wearing the same blue button down shirt. We can definitely see Emily going cray-cray and killing Nate, but his death certainly wouldn't cause Emily to have an emotional breakdown –– which is also featured in the promo!

Credit: STILL

3. Aiden Mathis

Now that Aiden has started wearing white linen shirts, he's all about helping out our girl Em. And we have a feeling that he'll be right at her side when she motorboats over to The Amanda and saves the day. The real question? Will Aiden sacrifice his life to help Jack and Amanda? It would certainly explain why Emily was so distraught in the promo, and would be a great catalyst for Emily's emotional development!

Who do you think will die next week? Hit the poll and vote, vote, vote!