Poor Kenny Ryan. This sea urchin is basically the Don Corleone of Montauk's Mafia, yet he has so many feelings! Kenny is super sensitive, and he's grown somewhat attached to Jack and Declan Porter. You know, despite the fact that he conned them into selling The Stowaway and he wants to kill all their middle-aged besties.

We have a sneaky suspicion that Kenny will turn over a new leaf when Revenge returns from hiatus, so check out 3 ways he can redeem himself!

1. He Could Give His Half of The Stowaway to The Porters
Kenny is a co-owner at The Stowaway, thanks to the Decster’s brief foray into jewelry muling, but he could easily sign over his half of the business to Jack and Declan Of course, Kenny's deliciously evil brother, Nate, might be less than thrilled by this turn of events, which brings us to ...

2. He Could Stand Up to Nate and Create a Rivaling Good-Guy Mafia
Nate controls the Montauk Mafia with an iron fist and has the power of a thousand lobsters behind him, but what if Kenny rounded up some tough guys and created a rival gang? We're thinking a Jets and Sharks situation, with tons of angry dancing and hopefully some musical numbers.

3. He Could Team Up With Jack and Con Nate
Kenny could come clean to Jack about his cruel intentions, and together they could hatch a plan to take Nate down to Chinatown. Kenny knows his way around a con, but with Jack and Declan's help, this trifecta of studliness would be unstoppable! Better get ready to sleep with the fishes, Nate.

Do you think Kenny will redeem himself? Hit the comments!

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