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Last night’s mid-season climax on Revenge resulted in the death of Fauxmanda Clarke and will probably end up shedding a few years off our own lives. But just like Emily Thorne, we’re prepared to hit the ground running in the second half of the season.

When Revenge returns on March 10 after a 3-week break, we’ll have “Retribution.” Here’s what he learned from the promo for Episode 15:

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1) The Graysons Attend Amanda’s Funeral

Despite being mostly responsible for Fauxmanda’s death, the Graysons have the nerve to attend her funeral. Granted, they were probably there to support Charlotte, but still. Emily can’t be pleased.

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2) Emily’s Going After Charlotte

“Emily’s thirst for vengeance is reborn. And she knows exactly how to get it,” the voiceover says in the promo clip.

“Through her daughter,” Emily finishes.

It’s edited to look like Emily’s going to hurt Charlotte to get back at Victoria, but we doubt Ems would bring harm to her own half sis. Chances are, Emily will manipulate Charlotte to break Victoria.

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3) Jack’s Alive

Though Jack Porter went into emergency surgery at the end of last night’s episode, we have a feeling he’ll pull through. Someone who looks surprisingly like Montauk’s favorite captain from behind is at Amanda’s funeral standing next to Declan and holding baby Carl David.

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4) “No More Distractions”

Emily says this to Aiden. Could she be breaking up with her beau to focus on her ultimate goal?

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5) Emily Assembles a Gun Quickly

We see Ems frantically loading a gun. Could she have an attacker of her own?

What do you think of our analysis? Is Jack really alive? Tell us your thoughts below!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Revenge Promo For Season 2, Episode 15: "Retribution"