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Revenge is getting more complicated than Nolan Ross’s nerd jargon, but we’re here to break down the spoilers and prepare you for Sunday. Episode 16, “Illumination,” featured a lost foster brother returning to the Hamptons, a crazed Jack Porter, and a mysterious computer hacker named The Falcon, but Episode 17, “Victory,” will be just as deliciously evil if not more so.

The promo for next Sunday’s episode proved more exciting than Declan Porter’s entire existence. Here’s what we gathered:

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1) Nolan and Aiden Are About to “Kill People”

Aiden’s pissed that Nolan’s a mouth breather, but the tech genius is just a little stressed about the fact that they’re about to kill someone! Who is involved in this sniper mission? We have a feeling these two are looking out for Padma and attempting to take out The Initiative’s latest representative, Trask.

2) Padma Gets Abducted

Unfortunately, Nolan and Aiden aren’t quick enough and Trask throws Padma in his creepy “Free Candy For Children” van.

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3) Emily Uses Her Red Sharpie

Emily’s red Sharpie was starting to feel like the servants in Beauty and the Beast who needed “exercise and a chance to use their skills.” But in the promo we see her crossing off the face of a blonde woman.

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4) The Last Five Minutes Will Drop a Bombshell

The voiceover in the promo says, “in the last five minutes, we’ll drop a bombshell so big, it’ll shock even Emily.” After Jack and Nolan both cut their hair in Season 2, we’re not sure how many more bombshells we can take.

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5) Mason Treadwell’s Back!

In the final seconds of the promo, we see a jail-bound Mason Treadwell chatting with his co-conspirator, Emily Thorne. “You’ll exploit this with your usual flair?” Mason asks. “You have no idea,” Emily replies with a smile. Can these two just team up and start their own show? We’re obsessed.  

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Revenge Season 2, Episode 17, “Victory,” airs Sunday, March 24 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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