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It’s time to put on your best black-and-white gowns and slap on a mask because we’re going incognito in next week’s episode of Revenge, “Masquerade.” The Graysons are hosting a masquerade ball for Halloween, but some major skeletons are about to come out now that Emily Thorne knows about Victoria Grayson’s first son.

Will she out the Queen Bee at her own event? Here’s our analysis of the promo:

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1. Conrad Uncovers Victoria’s Skeletons

“I thought I knew all the skeletons in your closet,” Conrad spits at Victoria. Obviously there’s no way to know everything about Vicki. She’s a woman of mystery, Conrad!

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2. Aiden Points a Gun at Trask

Now that The Initiative has Padma, it looks like Aiden is getting serious with his revenging. Aiden catches Trask off guard in a car and quickly puts a gun to his head. Will the trigger-happy Brit finally get a chance to take out this crook?

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3. A Mysterious Man Attends the Party

All of our favorite Hamptonites are decked out in half-masks so we can easily distinguish them. But one man has a full-face mask. Could it be Victoria’s son, ready to reunite with mommy dearest?

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4. Charlotte Punches Someone

Charlotte’s not typically one for violence, but someone says something to really get her blood pumping. Em’s half sis might have some revenging in her yet!


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5. Victoria Faints

Victoria tends to be the queen of cool, but something sends her fainting into Aiden’s arms. Not that it’s a bad place to fall, but what could have caused this dizzy spell?

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Revenge Promo For Season 2, Episode 18: "Masquerade"