It’s been quite the first world problem waiting for Season 2 of Revenge to return with the final four episodes. Sure, we still have two weeks until the April 28 episode, “Identity,” but that won’t stop us from speculating on what’s about to go down!

Thanks to the new promo for Episode 19, we have plenty to talk about! There’s a potential engagement, jealous lovers, and a newly-showered Nolan Ross! Rejoice!

Here’s what we learned:

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1) Nolan’s Not in Jail

When we last left Nolan Ross, the tech genius was at his wit's end after losing his lady love Padma. To make matters worse, a detective investigating the case thinks Nolan’s involved in Padma’s murder and has plans to arrest him. But in the promo Nolan looks very put together (especially after his lack of hair gel in “Masquerade”), and he’s casually hanging out in Emily’s beach house. Not exactly a man on the run.

2) The Graysons Are Having Another Televised Interview

What is it with this family? It seems like camera crews inhabit Grayson Manor on a monthly basis. Now there’s another sit-down interview involving Conrad and Victoria, but all eyes are on Emily and Daniel when the topic of marriage comes up.

3) Emily and Daniel Heading Down the Aisle?

“I can’t imagine an honor greater than joining the Grayson family,” Emily says in response to the interviewer’s question about marriage. Umm, endless bank account, insane bling, and access to Vicki’s closet? We can’t imagine a greater honor either!

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Emily and Aiden Kiss in "Identity"

4) Aiden and Emily Are Still Together

Though Aiden claimed to be “disgusted” by Emily’s faux-relationship with Daniel, that doesn’t keep him from embracing his girlfriend. But if Ems is about to become a Grayson, what does that mean for their future?

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Jack Porter in "Identity"

5) Jack Continues to Hate Emily

As if Jack Porter didn’t already hate Emily Thorne enough, now she’s about to marry the son of his enemies. Oh Jack, if only you knew what side Ems was really on.

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Credit: Spoiler TV Photo: Revenge Promo For Season 2, Episode 19: "Identity"