Can we just say that we love ABC’s knack for giving us two juicy sets of spoiler photos for each episode of Revenge? The first set is released before the big “reveal” — for example, Aiden shooting the White-Haired Man — and then we get a tasty second set to really soak things in.

In the second set of photos for Episode 3, “Confidence,” we see Emily and Aiden scrambling to solve the “there’s-a-dead-body-on-my-living-room-floor” issue.

Here’s what we learned from this new set of photos:

1) Emily Is Upset That Aiden Saved Her Life

Similar to the tied-to-a-wooden-post predicament, Ems probably didn’t want to be saved from her throat-clutching scuffle with the White-Haired Man. She’s beaten him before, so she probably wasn’t overly concerned about the knife he had to her throat. And since cotton top was one of the only people left who could tell her about her mother, Aiden’s trigger-happy intro was definitely not welcome — as we see here with Emily’s full-forced shove.

2) The White-Haired Man Is Definitely Dead

Homeboy is not moving. He’s now the White-Haired Corpse, and the pool of blood next to him is definitely causing more problems than he did when he was alive. How is Emily supposed to get that stain out? Oxiclean? Oh yeah, and what about the body lying on her living room floor? You know, the living room right next to the front door where unannounced guests like to pop by.

3) Emily Thorne Has the Nicest Rack We’ve Ever Seen

Wine rack, Revengers. Get your head out of the gutter! But seriously, who is her interior decorator and where can we get one? We’d move to the Hamptons for that wine rack — no wronged-father vendetta necessary! Is it new? Because we don’t know how we didn’t notice it before!

4) Emily Hits Aiden Over the Head With a Bottle

Ohh, so that’s why the wine rack was so important! Ems needs quick access to a bottle to hit Aiden’s head as they search through his things. Wait, aren’t these two supposed to be getting it on this season? Won’t his bottle-sized concussion cause a bit of tension in their relationship?

5) Now Emily Has Two Bodies to Dispose Of

Standing over the two bodies in her very open and exposed living room, Ems is probably questioning her decision to take out Aiden before they had moved the White-Haired Man’s body. We know she works out, but dragging away two manly bodies is a tough feat for anyone. It sure would be convenient to have a human-eating plant right about now — or maybe the newly-buff Nolster can help our girl out!

What do you think of our analysis? Do you agree? Weigh in below!

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