Though we’re used to the sandy shores and extravagant mansions on Revenge, the spoiler photos from Episode 4, “Intuition,” are mainly located somewhere new: the hospital! We see Emily Thorne, Jack Porter, Charlotte and Victoria Grayson, and Declan all looking seriously concerned and offering hugs in the ER.

But what do these shots tell us? Read on to see our analysis:

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Emily Thorne Looks Concerned in Revenge Season 2, Episode 4, "Intuition"

1) The Hamptonites Are Coming From a Big Event

OK, so we know that Ems and Victoria are super fabulous, but they typically don’t dress in such formal wear unless they’re having a gala, art auction, or super exclusive clam bake. Both ladies are dressed in deep purple, with Emily flaunting quite a scandalous amount of cleavage. Chances are these two ladies didn’t get decked out to go to the hospital, so where did they come from?

2) Jack Is an Emotional Wreck

We know Jack’s a pretty emotional guy, but from the looks of these photos, he’s having a total meltdown, clutching Declan and holding his head in his hands. We haven’t seen him this torn up since Sammy the Dog passed. Could their be another death in his family? We don’t see Fauxmanda in any of these photos, and we do know that she’s set to have the baby in this episode. Could she have A) Lost the baby? or B) Lost her own life?!

3) Emily Looks Seriously Concerned

It’s hard to spook our girl Ems. So these photos of the revenge master looking genuinely upset lead us to believe that something’s gone wrong with Fauxmanda’s birthing experience. Could the fake Amanda Clarke be gone for good?

4) Jack, Charlotte, and Emily Are the Ones Getting Updates From the Doctor

This photo featuring the three people who would be affected most by Fauxmanda’s baby problems adds to our initial theory that she’s in trouble. Since Charlotte is prepping to be an aunt, Jack is the father, and Emily is the godmother, could that be why the doctor is speaking exclusively to them?

5) Declan and Charlotte Share a Moment

We haven’t seen Declan and Charlotte together since her overdose in the Season 1 finale. Could this dramatic event drive them together once more? The new jewelry mule offers Char his jacket, and as every high schooler who goes to prom knows, that’s true love.

What do you think of our analysis? Did Amanda lose the baby or her own life? Tell us below!

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