Now that ABC is confident the world knows of Victoria Grayson’s return, they have graced us with 11 new spoilerific photos from this Sunday’s episode of Revenge, “Resurrection.”

At first, we couldn’t believe our eyes it looks like Victoria’s been the victim of a vicious beating! But here’s our take on these new images.

1) Victoria Gets a Visit From the White-Haired Man, Pre-Beating

Though we learned in the last episode that Victoria and the White-Haired Man are partners in crime, things are looking tense when he stops by her not-so-secret log cabin. Last we heard, she asked him to take out Emily Thorne, but since he owes Ms. Thorne a debt for sparing his life, could he be working for the queen of revenge instead of the queen of the Hamptons?

2) Victoria Grayson Is Badly Beaten and Bound

We then see Victoria Grayson covered in her own blood and cuts with her arms bound! Vicky’s not typically one for physical violence; she likes to go for the verbal kill over the actual murder. So what prompted this? Could the fugitive have set up this attack to work in her favor? We wouldn’t put it past her.

3) Queen Victoria Returns to Grayson Manor

Back in her rightful palace, Victoria Grayson is perched on her living room throne in Grayson Manor. Charlotte’s by her side and Victoria has a blanket wrapped around her post-attack. So it seems her return is no longer a secret.

4) The Sketch Artist Is Drawing Up a White-Haired Man Look-Alike

We see Emily talking with Victoria in her living room as a sketch artist works on the suspect for the attack. From the looks of his drawing, Victoria is implicating the White-Haired Man in the crime. Could this all be part of her plan?

5) Conrad and Daniel Know Victoria’s Back

Reunited and it feels so good? From the promo for this episode, we know that Conrad’s aware of Victoria’s log cabin digs, but based on this photo, he’s definitely not the one who attacked her. From the clip, we also saw him rushing into a house looking scared, followed by FBI agents, so we have a feeling that he was the one to find her post-attack. It seems that the animosity between them has died down (for now) and the whole Grayson clan is back together again. But wasn’t it Victoria’s whole plan to give her former husband the slip in order to build a case against him? Hmm ...

What do you think of these new photos? Weigh in below!

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