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Though the next episode of Revenge is still two weeks away (thanks a lot, American Music Awards), “Lineage” is sure to be filled with even more twists and turns than usual.

How can we know this already? All you have to do is watch the promo and read our analysis below!

1) Let’s do the Time Warp again!
Episode 8 is entirely in flashback mode, y’all! We’re headed back to 2006, home of Daniel’s ratty rugby attire and flat hair!

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2) Oh brother, another mother!
We’ve been having plenty of mama drama this season, but nothing can compare to meeting Victoria Grayson’s mother, Marion! Complete with a gaudy leopard-print coat and feathered hairdo, we see the dazzling woman who made the Ice Queen. Try not to run and hide.

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Charlotte Grayson Looks Upset in Revenge Season 2, Episode 3, "Confidence"

3) Charlotte doesn’t exist in 2006!
Victoria declares she wants to spend Thanksgiving with her boys. (Hey, remember that time you had an illegitimate daughter with a convicted terrorist?!) For some reason, Charlie’s not invited to Thanksgiving dinner. How rude!

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4) Nolan’s back to boys!
Being a self-proclaimed “three on the Kinsey Scale,” Mr. Ross enjoys the company of many partners, regardless of gender. We see him sneaking a kissing with a curly-haired cutie. Who is that, you ask? Why, it’s Nolan’s ex-boyfriend, Marco Romero, who helped him start Nolcorp back in 2006.

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5) You can find Em in da club ... with Aiden?
Ems is on a top-secret mission in a nightclub full of neon-colored lights. Who should she stumble upon but one Aiden Mathis! The two meet for the first time when Emily’s on a mission for Takeda, and apparently they share a small scuffle that ends in a bloodied Aiden aiming a gun at Emily! We hope it turns out OK! Oh wait, this is a flashback. In the present, the two are newfound makeout buddies.

Are you looking forward to “Lineage”? Tell us below!

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