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Revenge is a dish best served hot n' steamy, and judging from the promo pics from season 1, episode 19 "Absolution," we're in for a treat.

Check out five tidbits we learned from these sneak peek pics — including the fact that windbreakers are socially acceptable in the Hamptons. What a disappointment.

1. Emily Stands By a Mantle As Though Someone's Painting Her Portrait

We have a few concerns. A) What is that decorative rooster? Let's assume it's a secret camera. B) Emily really needs to decide what length she wants to keep her extensions and commit.

2. Emily Stands By Grave, Sets Her Robot Control Panel to "Sad Face"

Credit: ABC

Before you drop your jaw at the fact that someone's dead, take a look around Emily. The grave she's standing next to definitely isn't new, and she's all alone. Could she be visiting her father, the late great David Clarke, friend to golden retrievers and desperate housewives?

3. Emily Ponders the Meaning of Life

Credit: ABC

Look at this gal's face. Contemplative, angelic, and somewhat sad. This can only mean one thing. She's about to start taking lives.

4. Someone's Got a Big Coop of Chickens

Credit: ABC

Apparently, this is former secretary, Carol Miller. What is Emily supposed to do with a entire basket of eggs? If Em's willing to put up with these plebeian antics, she must have something major up her sleeves!

5. Victoria and Charlotte Stand Side-By-Side, Look Elegant Yet Sad

Credit: ABC

Check out Victoria and Charlotte's faces. Clearly, Victoria is stewing in memories of her bohemian love-fest with Dominik, while Charlotte is too strung out on uppers to notice that Victoria's talons are locked around her arm. In other news, who died?!

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