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While we were still trying to process all of the flashback-y goodness in last night’s episode of Revenge, ABC hit us with one of its most thrilling promos yet. Next week’s episode is the winter finale of the hit show, so it’s guaranteed to be good.

Read on to find out all of the craziness set to hit the Hamptons:

Credit: ABC Revenge

1) Baptism of Baby Carl David

We thought young Carl David might get a baptism, but we were surprised that Fauxmanda didn’t burst into flames upon setting foot in church. However, it seems like someone else has been sinning.

“I saw you at church,” Amanda said to Emily. “How you looked at Jack and me.”

This could be edited in a way that just makes us believe Amanda’s on to Emily’s affections for Jack, but we have a feeling she’ll figure it out soon enough.

Credit: ABC Revenge

2) Ashley and Conrad Get Freaky — and Victoria Finds Out

It’s time for us to take our bow, Revengers. We’ve thought something might be going on between Ashley and Conrad since she slid a bit too comfortably into her brand new Lexus in Season 1, but no one expected Victoria to be the one to catch them in the act.

Apparently there’s some video footage (courtesy of Emily Thorne?) of the two getting frisky on Connie’s desk. Tsk-tsk, little lady.

“You misunderstand,” Ashley tells Victoria in the promo.
“Which part? That you seduced my husband?,” Victoria retorts.

So. Many. Feelings.

Credit: ABC Revenge

3) Daniel Catches Ashley With a Bearded Man

So apparently Ash isn’t just getting her kicks from Daniel and his proud papa — it turns out the formerly hookin’ hottie enjoys spending her time in bathrobes with bearded men in their golden years. Yikes!

“This isn’t what you think it is,” Ashley claims, to which Daniel rightful replies, “You disgust me!”

Boom. Roasted.

Credit: ABC Revenge

4) Victoria Points a Gun With an Extremely Long Barrel

Has Victoria been wronged one too many times? Probably, but that’s not why she’s pointing this gun. Though ABC would like us to think she was aiming for Ashley’s head, a few context clues tell us the truth behind this shot. Victoria’s sporting a ruffled white shirt and brown vest, which she was spotted wearing last month when the cast was filming a scene at a skeet shooting event. And since Vicki’s participating, chances are it’s for some obscure charity.

Credit: ABC Revenge

5) Jack Finds Something Suspicious

Next we see Jack pointing a flashlight at something white in his hand. We have a feeling this could be Carl Porter Sr.’s gun that his buddy Matt Duncan used to off Ryan Sr., and because Matt used Carl’s gun, Kenny and Nate think that Carl killed their father. That means Jack and Declan could be in some serious trouble, which brings us to ...

Credit: ABC Revenge

6) Charlotte Warns Jack, and They Run Toward a Bloody Hand

“He’s out there covered in blood,” Charlotte screams to Jack.

Next we see the pair running down the dock toward a blood-covered hand reaching out for help. Naturally, we’re led to believe that this hand belongs to Declan since Charlotte was the one running for help, but then we see what seems to be a wedding ring on the victim’s hand. That makes us think he is married, but the Decster does wear a lot of man jewelry ...

Another option might be a badly-wounded Conrad Grayson. Though they’ve had their differences, Charlotte would be distraught about potentially losing her father, and he was wrapped up in a cheating scandal involving his son’s girlfriend. Just sayin’.

Do you agree with our analysis? Weigh in below! 

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