If we don't get a fix of Revenge sometime soon, we might go crazy, steal a vat of lobsters, and prison tattoo the infinity sign on our stomachs. It's been weeks since a new episode of our favorite show has hit the screen, and we're desperate for a sneak peek!

Check out six tidbits we learned from the promo pics for Season 1, Episode 18 “Justice” — they’ll definitely tide you over until Revenge returns on April 18!

1. Victoria Finds Herself A Lover

What. Is. Happening?

As far as we can tell, that's Victoria Grayson Queen Of The Hamptons –– but it appears as though she's been abducted but some kind of granola-eating "free-spirit," who thinks it's acceptable to have clothing racks instead of walk-in-closets. And is that a freshly-painted portrait of Victoria in the nude? We know this lady's on the rebound and her son's being tried for murder, but girl. You are not Kate, and your lover is certainly not Leo. 

2. Daniel Goes On Trial, Remains Devastatingly Handsome

Oh, don't worry. It's just Daniel Grayson, on trial for murder in a three-piece suit with matching navy blue tie. If he thinks he can win the jury over with a smug look and carefully tousled hair, then he is 100 percent correct. 

3. Declan Testifies for (or Against!) Daniel

We'll never forget the way Declan and his boxer-briefs pranced around the beach when Tyler died, but how much does he really remember about that fated night? More importantly, check out how uncomfortable Declan looks in a suit. It's like he can't handle not having a piece of hemp tied around his neck, poor kid. 

4. Jack Makes Eyes at Emily, She Returns the Favor

First of all, we'd like to point out that Jack is the only person in the courtroom who didn't bother getting dressed up for the occasion. It's like he's allergic to fine men's wear.

Second of all, check out that glimpse of Nolan's man-bangs in the background. We see you, buddy!

Lastly, we can't help but notice the fact that Emily and Jack are totally eye-sexing each other. Will they have an affair to remember? Sammy the dog approves. 

5. The Courtroom Is Filled With Amateur Improv Students

Looks like Daniel's defense lawyers are trying to recreate the night of the crime to prove his innocence, but we have some concerns.

Exhibit A: Daniel's stand-in is not nearly as handsome as he is. Exhibit C: Is that rando lady supposed to be Satoshi? Exhibit C: Did we flashback to 1990, because we haven't seen a courtroom like this since Law and Order Season 1. 

6. Victoria Gets Hot and Heavy

Not to cause any alarm, but Victoria seems to be sitting on a distressed leather couch festooned with a decorative Boho pillow. Even worse? She's aroused by her surroundings, including that scruffy man who's wearing a bracelet and paint-covered blouse. Wow, things really must be bad. 

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