Credit: ABC

Next week's episode of Revenge is serving up our two favorite dishes: champagne galore and a flashback to 2002 (otherwise known as the decade that gave us J To Tha L-O).

Judging from the promo pictures we're in for a treat, so check out 5 tidbits we learned from these sneak peek pics — including what Nolan's hair looks like sans man-bangs!

1. Emily Makes Us Cower in Fear at the Memory of 2002

Seriously? Is that what we all looked like back then? Even that random in the background is horrified by Emily's hair, and she's wearing a belly shirt. As far as we can tell, Em is high on life in this photo, and we blame 2002. Shudder.

2. Nolan Shows Off His Face Sans Man Bangs

Credit: ABC

Stop everything and look at Nolan's hair. It's 50 percent Meg Ryan circa You've Got Mail, and 50 percent mushroom cut. In other words, 100 percent amazing. So, what have we learned? Meeting Emily cause Nolan to retreat behind a curtain of hair in sheer terror.

3. Victoria and Conrad Get Their Drink On

Credit: ABC

Looks like we'll be flashing back to a time before Conrad and Victoria hated each other with a fevered passion! Then again they're binge-drinking champagne —presumably to make linking arms slightly more tolerable.

4. Happy Drunk Dude Crashes Grayson Party


Credit: ABC

We don't know who this jolly partygoer is, but keep your eye on him. He turns up in about half of the promo photos from the Graysons' party, which mean he must be a key player. Or he's just an over-enthusiastic extra with amazing photo-bomb skills.

5. Lydia's Back to the Future!


Credit: ABC

We have to hand it to Lydia, she makes the early 2000s look great. Could this be the start of her steamy affair with Conrad? One thing's for sure: Lydia looks like she means serious business, and Victoria better watch her back!

6. Emily Chats With Mason Treadwell and Dr. Banks


Credit: ABC

First of all, we're loving Mason's red velvet jacket and Chuck Bass scarf. How could Emily want to seek revenge on someone with such great fashion?

Second of all, it looks like Em is staking out the Grayson house, and all the key players in her father's murder mystery are there!

This is going to be the best episode yet — and not just because of Emily's hilarious wig.