If you’re still thinking that Sunday can’t come soon enough, cool your jet skis, fellow Revengers! ABC has released 34 deliciously spoilerific photos from Revenge Season 2, Episode 5, “Forgiveness.”

But what does it all mean? Check out our analysis below:

1) Amanda’s Awake!
At the end of Sunday night’s episode, we were on the edge of our seats, desperate to learn Amanda’s fate. Luckily, the good folks at ABC decided to cut the suspense and show us multiple photos of Fauxmanda sitting up in bed like the post-pregnancy stripper we all know and love (to hate, that is.)

2) Kara’s Not Hiding — She’s Holding Babies!
Apparently after all these years away, Kara Wallace Clarke feels confident enough in her motherly role to hold baby Carl David and chat up her “daughter.” Guess she’s not worried about that awkward, “Where have you been for the last 21 years?” question.

3) Mason Treadwell Makes a Hospital Visit
We are so glad to see that the acclaimed author and dramatic writer of The Treadwell Report is back in business. He makes a hospital call, complete with his signature bow tie and some flowers, for the suffering patient. We suspect he just might have some ulterior motives, though ...

4) Mason Overstays His Welcome
Easy there, Mase! Here we see Mason grab Fauxmanda’s arm, but he’d better loosen his grip unless he wants Emily’s karate upbringing to rear its chop-happy head.  

5) Mason Learns That One Is the Loneliest Number
It seems like just yesterday that Mason was all smiles and bow ties, but after his little hospital-patient-grabbing episode, it looks like he’s been exiled. Better watch out, Mr. Treadwell — the last time you crossed Emily Thorne, she burnt your historic log cabin home to the ground. Boom, literally, roasted!

6) The Graysons Fired Their Gardener
Victoria Grayson clipping her own roses? We shudder at the thought! She must have fired her incompetent staff or wanted a reason to be holding those pruning shears ...

7) Kara and Victoria Are on a Hugging Basis
So the Ice Queen listed the mysterious mama’s lover as her attacker, had an affair with Kara’s husband, and sent her faux-daughter tumbling over the balcony in her own home. That wouldn’t exactly qualify her to be Kara’s new best bud, but Mama Clarke’s full of hugs and faux-love in these photos. Apparently the feeling isn’t mutual, though, because Victoria has never looked more sinister!

What did you think of our analysis? Weigh in below!

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