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Sports fans might be gearing up for this weekend’s Super Bowl, but we’re preparing ourselves for the return of Revenge next week.

High on our anxiety list is the upcoming death, surrounding Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke’s honeymoon. Some major action goes down aboard The Amanda, resulting in “at least one” major death.

And thanks to this new sneak peek video, we have even more intel than before. Here’s what we deduced:

1) Jack and Amanda Definitely Get Married

Cry about it all you want, but Jack and Amanda will officially tie the knot in Episode 13, “Union.” The couple has a beachside wedding and Nolan Ross officiates.

Credit: STILL

2) Jack and Amanda Never Make It to Their Honeymoon Spot

Nolan informs Emily that Jack and Amanda never checked into their hotel in Nantucket. The two are stranded somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Naturally, Emily is desperate to find them. She is baby Carl David’s godmother, and she’s not going to want to drag that baby around in a black hoodie if his parent’s tragically die.

Credit: STILL

3) Jack Finds a Bomb

Jack goes to investigate the source of a mysterious ticking and finds what we assume to be a bomb in the bow of The Amanda!

Credit: STILL

4) Amanda Shoots Someone

Mandy’s proven that she’s not afraid to use weapons in stressful situations. But we’ve never seen this ex-stripper wielding a gun so violently. Who is her target?

Credit: STILL

5) Emily Climbs Aboard to Help

Naturally, Emily gets there in the knick of time, climbing aboard the boat next to a terrified-looking Fauxmanda who has a major cut on her forehead.

Credit: STILL

6) Emily Knocks a Man Out With a Shovel

We can’t be sure who this man is, but from the back of his head, Em’s victim looks like a Ryan brother. That certainly doesn’t mean they’re safe though, considering...

Credit: STILL

7) Two People Jump Off the Exploding Boat

So, let’s count the people we care about aboard The Amanda Emily, Amanda, and Jack that’s three. But in this shot we only see two figures lunging from the exploding boat. Perhaps the other one got off earlier, or maybe he or she is in trouble!

Who do you think will die? Tell us below!