Our mouths are still hanging open after seeing Aiden shooting the White-Haired Man square in the back during the final scene of last night’s episode, “Resurrection.”

And from the looks of the promo for Revenge Season 2, Episode 3, “Confidence,” the cotton-topped villain probably won’t be “resurrected” anytime soon. Read on to see our analysis of this week’s promo.

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1) Daniel Knows His Mother Faked Her Attack

The promo opens with Danny talking to Emily Thorne about his hatred for Vicky. He knows she faked her own kidnapping, and this Naive Nelly is sick of being played. Ems suggests he try to “beat her at her own game.” Please don’t hurt that beautiful face, Danny!

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2) Victoria Knows How to Work a Cut

Even when bloodied and bruised, Victoria Grayson is fabulous. Here we see three fashion-forward options, all of which go well with her scrapes and bruises.

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3) Emily Hits Aiden Over the Head and Ends Up Trashed

We’re shocked to see Ems take out Aiden by taking a bottle to his head (that could cause a real problem with their relationship, to say the least), but we know this British babe makes it out OK because we see him wake up in what appears to be a pile of trash! And apparently there’s no hard feelings, either — just check out No. 6!

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4) Kara Wallace Clarke Is Back, Y’all!

In what doesn’t seem to be a flashback, we see Kara Wallace Clarke on the phone in what appears to be the parking lot of a motel. She should really look into getting her own private cabin in the Catskills.

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5) Victoria Is Blunt About Not Trusting Emily Thorne

Emily has been summoned for tea, once more, at Grayson Manor. When she expresses her concerns (either about Conrad or the White-Haired Man), Victoria retorts, “I’m more concerned about you.” Hey, don’t sugar coat it, Vicky!

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6) Emily and Aiden Get It On!

We see Nolan talking on the phone, saying, “I love it when you’re bossy. It means something hot’s going to happen.” Cut to a passionate makeout sesh between Ems and Aiden. It’s about time! It’s been three episodes and more than 8 weeks since Em’s gotten her mack on!

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7) The White-Haired Man Is Definitely Dead

We’ve been wondering if Aiden’s blow to the back of the White-Haired Man was fatal, and it seems we’ve gotten our answer when Emily steps through a massive pool of blood while walking next to her nemesis’ body.

What do you think of our analysis? Weigh in below!

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