As much as we loved last night’s episode of Revenge, we’re already jonesing for some more of our favorite Hamptonites. And the juicy promo for Episode 4, “Intuition,” got us more excited than Ashley Davenport at a billionaire singles party.

As usual, it’s filled with delicious details and all in 30 brief seconds! Here’s what we were able to uncover:

1) Emily Tells Amanda That Her Mother’s Still Alive

Our guess is that Fauxmanda has reached the end of her stripper pole and is ready to give up on helping with Em’s revengenda. To keep her loyal, Emily finally reveals that her mother is alive and Victoria is the only one left who could know her whereabouts.

Credit: STILL

2) Amanda’s Baby Shower Is Held at Grayson Manor

This is just a hunch, but we see Emily’s hair pulled back (as we see in later shots at the hospital) and behind Amanda are some blue cupcakes. We know that she’s having a boy, and Emily’s been banished from Grayson Manor. One of the few ways she could get back in would be as the godmother to Mandy’s baby.

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3) Victoria Talks About Kara Wallace Clarke To ...

We hear Emily’s voice saying that David Clarke lied about her mother being dead. Then we cut to Victoria telling someone, “He would rather have you believe that she was dead than to tell you the unspeakable truth.”

The implication is that Victoria’s telling this to Emily, but we highly doubt that Ms. Thorne has revealed her true identity to her No. 1 nemesis. Instead, she’s probably talking to Amanda Clarke, who confronted her per Em’s request.

Credit: STILL

4) Aiden Is All Tied Up

So far we’ve seen Aiden get hit over the head with a wine bottle and get thrown into a dumpster. In this promo we see him falling over with tape across his mouth and hitting the ground hard. Homeboy just can’t catch a break.

Credit: STILL

5) Nolan and Padma Get Frisky

Considering Padma was acting like a jealous high schooler with a crush on last night’s episode, we think Nolan will grant her wish come Sunday. The two are looking mighty cozy as they lean in for a smooch.

Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Victoria, Charlotte, and Emily Surround the Body

6) Victoria, Charlotte, and Emily Hover Over a Body on the Ground

Charlotte screams and commands that someone (probably Grayson lapdog Ashley) call 9-1-1. No, shawty is not fire-burning on the dance floor, but someone is down for the count. Considering Emily, Charlotte, and Victoria are surrounding the victim, we have a feeling that Fauxmanda is the one doing the worm. And from the spoiler photos, we know it lands her in the hospital.

Credit: STILL

7) Daniel Takes It Off!

Not a huge plot point, but a fantastic addition to our wall of Daniel Grayson pics. Here he strips off the suit and tie and opts for a white T-Shirt. How very “working class” of you, Danny.

What do you think of our analysis, Revengers? Weigh in below!

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