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It's been almost a month since we had our last fix of Revenge, and we're desperate for intrigue, mystery, and lobster.

Check out 7 tidbits we learned from the promo pics for season 1, Episode 17 “Doubt” –– they’ll definitely tide you over until our favorite show returns in April!

1. Emily Is Capable of Expressing Emotion!

Awww, look at robot Emily furrowing her eyebrows! It's good to know that she can set aside her icy cold emotions when it comes to helping her loved ones.

It's also good to know that she thinks middle-parts are acceptable. Sigh, time to break out the "con" list.

2. Daniel Is Allowed Visitors In Jail!

Credit: ABC Photo: Daniel Talks to Emily Over the Prison Phone in Episode 17, Doubt

Daniel isn't allowed to have a cell phone in prison, so sexting Emily is out of the question. Luckily, they can communicate their conjugal needs with steamy rotary phone convos!

On a different note, look at Danny Boy's face. We've never seen him so haggard. Clearly, he's suffering from boat-shoe withdrawal, but atleast the prison guards are letting his wear a fashionable button-down.

Anything else would just be cruel.

3. Daniel Hatches a Plan / Becomes Artistic Genius

Credit: ABC Photo: Daniel Makes a Drawing in Episode 17, Doubt

Once you get over the fact that Daniel's innocent body is resting on a metal bed and woolen blanket (and not in a cute vintage way), you might notice that he appears to be drawing a picture of Emily. Maybe he's just getting his arts and crafts on, but we have a feeling Daniel's hatching a plan. Does he suspect Em?

4. The Graysons Solve Tyler's Murder

Credit: ABC

Check out Victoria's porch! She's turned it into a full-fledged crime scene investigation, complete with aesthetically pleasing bulletin boards and a big sign that says "EVIDENCE."

And it looks like Mason Treadwell might make another appearance on Revenge, considering that Victoria has his blog up on her computer.

Question: Why does Victoria use a PC and not a Mac?

5. Victoria Gets Her Hands on a Police Sketch of Jack

Credit: ABC Photo: Ashley Looks at a Sketch While Victoria Looks on in Episode 17, Doubt

Uh oh, Jack better hop on the Amanda and ride her to Haiti, because Victoria's trying her hardest to link him to Tyler's murderer.

It looks like Declan accidentally described his brother while talking to the police artist (way to go, lobster thief), and we're worried. Especially about the state of Jack's facial hair in this photo.

6. Emily and Victoria Wear Extremely High-Waisted Pants

Credit: ABC Photo: Victoria and Emily Look Dismayed in Episode 17, Doubt

Daniel might be in jail, but at least his arrest is bringing Emily and Victoria together. They're dressed like secret sisters in this photo (Charlotte is so jealous), though we have some concerns about Victoria's necklace.

Next thing we know she'll be attaching whimsical feathers to her hair.

7. Emily Is Extremely Bitter

Credit: ABC Photo: Emily Is Pensive in Episode 17, Doubt

Emily isn't used to her plan veering off track, and she looks mad. If you're as anxious as we are that Daniel's arrest will ruin her plotting and scheming sched, don't be.

Check out girlfriend's earrings. Double infinity means business!

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