With Fauxmanda’s pregnant body taking flight off of Grayson Manor’s second-floor balcony on Revenge last night, it’s going to be pretty hard to top the drama in next week’s episode.

But from the looks of this promo, it’s going to come pretty close. Check out our in-depth analysis below!

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1) Emily Tells Nolan of Her Mother’s Return

Phew! We were beginning to worry that Ems had traded in her sidekick for a sexy British replacement, but even she couldn’t leave out this major detail when talking to him. Sure, Aiden knew first, but he practically died trying to get the details, and we have a feeling that Nolan’s over that strategy.

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2) Aiden Offers Emily His Assistance

We’re still not sure if we trust this sexy newcomer, but he seems determined to keep Emily on track. Now that mum’s the word, he wants her to get back to avenging her father’s death.

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3) Kara Confronts Emily in the Hospital

We have a feeling that this clip’s been dubbed with new sound, because recent spoilers reveal that Kara Wallace Clarke won’t know the true identity of her daughter so quickly. But Emily certainly looks nervous to be speaking with her mother.

Credit: STILL

4) Kara Hangs on the Beach With Ems

It looks like this mother-daughter team likes to wear matching robes on the beach. Either this is a dream sequence or Emily’s invited Kara to stay with her, considering she’s the godmother to Amanda’s baby — oh, and also she’s the real Amanda.

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5) Victoria Invites Kara Over for Tea

Keep your friends close and your enemies in hugging distance? Victoria invites the mother of her ex-lover over to Grayson Manor and we have a feeling that things are about to get awkward. And then ...

Credit: STILL

6) Kara’s Holding Pruning Shears

We see a hand gripping some pointy shears right after the image of Victoria and Kara’s hug. Could Mrs. Clarke be looking to literally stab Vicki in the back?

Credit: STILL

7) Emily’s in Tears

We’re pretty sure she didn’t break a nail or get red wine on her new Herve Leger, but Ems is hella upset. We see this image of her sobbing and have to think it’s mama drama.

What do you think of our analysis? Weigh in below!

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