We love Revenge, but even obsessed fans like us can admit when things aren’t working. After some lackluster episodes in Season 2, our favorite shoreside drama is starting to get back on track. 

Last week’s episode featured a classic Emily Thorne takedown complete with a red Sharpie, and we’re three episodes away from the “big event” that’s set to rock the Hamptons.

At yesterday’s TCAs, ABC president Paul Lee admitted that the Season 2 storyline has gotten too “big,” but revealed that show creator Mike Kelley has a way to turn it around.

“I know Mike Kelley is excited about focusing on our lead characters and their emotional journey,” Paul said.

And Mike recently promised that this season’s progression will feel “satisfying.” Don’t get our hopes up for nothing, Mike!

Do you think Season 2 will match the expectations set by Season 1? Weigh in below!

Source: TVLine