Aiden Mathis’s epic quest to find his dearly departed sister Colleen has consumed him throughout his time on Revenge. She may be dead, but actor Barry Sloane has a real-life sis, who, fortunately, is very much alive.

Being a Brit himself, Barry’s keeping up with Revenge’s UK schedule. It seems viewers across the pond just watched Episode 8, “Lineage,” and they got some behind-the-scenes details.

Credit: STILL

“Interesting #Revenge fact tonight @RevengersUK the episode features a picture of my real life sister @sammyc1405. #Lineage,” Barry tweeted.

Barry’s actual sister, Samantha Connolly, appears in the photograph Takeda gives to Emily in the flashback episode.

In later episodes, an actress is used to play Colleen, but here, they used a pic from Barry’s family album.

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