Credit: Twitter

Our favorite Hamptonites seem to get dolled up effortlessly on Revenge, but there’s obviously plenty of planning and preparation that goes into making the elite look fabulous. 

Yesterday (Feb. 26), actor Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) shared a behind-the-scenes shot of Grayson Manor, including the divine Madeleine Stowe (Victoria Grayson) covered in a bathrobe and waiting to film what looks to be a party scene.

“#OutTakes Lady Stowe and her infamous chair. You don't want to be called to tea ;),” Gabe tweeted.  

Everyone knows that when the Graysons throw a party there’s typically a murder, accident, arrest, or at least a cocktail thrown.

Chances are the production guy in the back eating a banana isn’t invited to this pink rose-covered affair.

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