For the longest time Declan Porter has been the nice guy — helping his brother Jack Porter with the bar and supporting his girlfriend Charlotte Grayson through her dramatic struggles.

But all that’s about to change when the two most important people may need conflicting things from him when he takes the witness stand in Daniel Grayson’s trial.

The only way in which Daniel might be able to get off, is if his team can prove there was another person on the beach that night. Unfortunately, Declan knows there was at least one other person there — his brother.

He’s already done everything in his power to keep Jack’s name as far from the case as possible, but Charlotte saw the hooded figure on the beach that night, too. 

ABC’s official synopsis of Episode 18, “Justice,” says, “Declan's testimony marks the beginning of the end of his relationship with a self-destructive Charlotte.”

Could it be that Declan lies to cover for his brother, and by extension, makes Charlotte’s brother look like the guilty party? Or does he openly discuss Charlotte’s drug problem, potentially citing that as an impairment that could keep her from testifying? Vote below! 

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